The Palm Beach south tower condos are a very modern and luxurious condominium building.  Every single one of the twenty stories has been designed to provide the maximum amount of comfort, pleasure and relaxation to those who are lucky enough to purchase one of the Palm Beach south tower condos for sale.

The location is more than ideal, it is just a crosswalk away from CityPlace and the Convention centre is a stone’s through away. Residents of the Palm Beach south tower condos want for nothing, West Palm beach’s number one shopping and cultural centre is very close by.  As a homeowner you will be filled with nothing but joy as you explore your new neighborhood filled with the very best facilities and the opportunity to explore a range of new activities and experiences.

The palm beach south tower condos that are for sale have been designed by Hirsch Bender.  This has given the building the gift of a unique, perfectly crafted interior that will have your friends, family and guests beaming with pride, and maybe a little envy.

The building is pet friendly and the palm beach south tower condo residents are often seen out on the waterfront with their pets.  The amenities at the palm beach south tower condos are state of the art.  The rooftop pool really is the most luxurious place to be in all of West Palm Beach.  There is even a jacuzzi up on the roof, complete with poolside kitchen and bar area.  The three quarter acre rooftop space is really something to behold.  As you can imagine the residents often feel like they are at the most exclusive resort on the planet.  In many ways they are right.

The 24 hour security ensure that only residents and their guests are allowed admittance into the building.  Having this level of peace of mind is as refreshing as it is exclusive.  Security is taken seriously and state of the art security systems protect you day and night.

The lobby of the palm beach south tower condos have been decorated with a curated art collection to allow for that extra feeling of high society loving that the palm beach south tower condo residents expect and deserve.  You can also enjoy more modern luxury in the form of access to free wifi throughout all of the common areas.  If you enjoy a bike ride along the waterfront then the palm beach south tower condos come with secure bicycle storage for your convenience.

Here are some of the top features the residents of the palm beach south tower condos love.

1.  The building is accessible from everywhere.  Not only is it easy to get to, once you are inside the palm beach south tower condos, it is a very private place.
2.  The largest and most complete set of amenities that a building could offer. The pool and fitness centre are unparalleled in the area.
3.  The resort feel is real.  Just like a prime vacation spot, you will never want to leave your palm beach south tower condo.

With a really great selection of floor plans and unit sizes, every appetite can be satisfied as the palm beach south tower condos for sale are all designed to perfection and built with nothing but the finest materials.  Buying a palm beach south tower condo will be a decision that you can make confidently with no reservations.  Your palm beach south tower condo will bring you nothing but joy and comfort for many years to come.