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Downtown West Palm Beach, Florida is a bustling community that’s known as one of the best kept secrets in the country. Located right at the heart of West Palm Beach, the downtown area encompasses a wide selection of restaurants, shopping opportunities and other businesses. There’s even a bandstand that hosts outdoor concerts which add a festive feel to the West Palm Beach experience. There’s a lot to look forward to when you call this quaint part of Florida home! 

Downtown West Palm Beach Condos for Sale

Property values span a wide spectrum of prices in West Palm Beach. There are modest single family homes that start at under $100,000 as well as luxurious high end properties that cost over $8,000,000. No matter how large or small your family may be, there is a home in West Palm Beach that’s the perfect size and style to keep everyone comfortable! 

Along with a number of beautiful homes for sale, West Palm Beach also offers many diverse amenities so you can always find what you need. Residents can book convenient accommodations in one of the nearby hotels for out of town visitors. The area is also full of unique dining options for both visitors and residents. Enjoy a delicious breakfast at the Paris Bakery and Café or have a memorable lunch with a friend at Le Rendez-Vous on Datura Street. Cabana Restaurant on Clematis Street offers romantic atmosphere and a modern bar setting that serves expertly prepared local cuisine throughout the day.

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 You can spend days exploring Downtown West Palm Beach and still not see it all. This  area and nearby neighborhoods include a huge selection of unique attractions and  activities. Stop by the non-profit Armory Art Center and delve into a world of art and  creation. Studio art classes, lectures, exhibits and educational programs are all  available to expand the mind and talents of ambitious artists who participate.

Approximately half a mile from downtown is CityPlace. This 600,000 square foot facility houses 10 restaurants, a 20 screen theater, cultural arts theater, open air plaza, retail shops and 570 private residences which feature stunning old world European architecture.  

Those who love old world style should also visit Clematis Street, which is known as the “historical heart of downtown West Palm Beach.” This area features nightclubs, restaurants, live music performances, boutiques, landmarks and antique shops. A weekly Clematis By Night event is hosted throughout the year.

Nature lovers can marvel at the majestic big cats and other animals that live at McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary. Here visitors can observe pelicans, owls, hawks, scarlet macaws, kinkajous, lemurs, leopards, tigers, albino Burmese pythons, green mambas and many other exotic creatures in their natural habitats. It’s a fascinating experience that is both educational and entertaining!

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